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We help your company employ strategies to develop strong patent portfolios to support your business objectives and ensure a strong market position. We counsel clients in all areas of Intellectual Patent protection, licensing, and enforcement in the U.S. and throughout the world.

We obtain, license and litigate patents across numerous technologies, spanning the gamut from:

Electrical Technology Patents

Software Patents

Chemical Innovation Patents

Chemical Innovation Patents

Business Patents

Business Patents

Biological & Life Sciences Patents

Mechanical Patents

Mechanical Patents

Intellectual Property Law Practice

The comprehensive expertise of our intellectual property practice extends across a broad range of services, from patent, trademark, copyright, and trade secret law to advice on domain names, security interests in intellectual property and licensing.


Utility patents, Design patents, Plant patents, Mask Works protection, Vessel Hull Designs, including Patent protection in all technologies.


We will expertly handle your Registrations, Work-For-Hire and License agreements, Infringements, Take-Down notices, music and video Synchronization Rights, Public Performance issues, and all other matters related to works of authorship.


We will register, protect and litigate your brand rights, URLs Domain Names, Service Marks, Trade Dress, and Privacy; against infringement, Counterfeit, Unfair Competition, Business Libel and Slander.

Strategic IP

We help great Companies large and small create powerful, Monopoly IP protection using proven strategies, tested by thousands of our technology clients over the past decades. We will help design a Monopoly Strategy just for you.

We Create Great Patent Protection, for Great Companies Big and Small.

Why Use Carr & Ferrell LLP?

1: We are Easy to Work With

We do the writing and take very little of your inventors’ time.
The general flow for patents is a 45 minute disclosure call, and an hour or two to review our draft before filing.

2: Fast Turnaround

Provisional Patent applications typically take less than a week (same day/next day filings are also available).
Utility patent applications are filed within 28 days.

3: Costs are Predictable

Many of our projects are charged on a flat fee basis and estimates are always available.

4: We are Strategy-Forward

We start every IP relationship and project with a plan.

5: Always Informed

Our processes and friendly staff will be in continuous contact on each step of the project.

John S. Ferrell, Esq.
Carr & Ferrell LLP

John Ferrell, founding partner, focuses on creating and defending market monopolies!

Carr & Ferrell’s patent practice brings one of the nation’s leading teams of patent professionals to bear on the complexities and nuances of patent law, from securing the protection of ideas to the commercialization and enforcement of patents.

John is a founding partner of Carr & Ferrell LLP, one of Silicon Valley’s foremost technology and litigation law firms, and specializes in patent litigation and intellectual property matters. He is Chair of the Firm’s Intellectual Property Practice Group.

Spend an hour or so in this book with patent strategist, John Ferrell, as he draws upon years of real-life experience to provide you with insight into issues such as how to decide when an invention is worth patenting, how to select a strong trademark, the purpose of registering a copyright, and how to protect a trade secret.

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